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The Biblical Parenting Coaching Program

The purpose of the Biblical Parenting Coaching Program is to raise up more coaches that will help support and guide parents through the challenges of raising children. Coaches who have completed the program are added to the list of available coaches on our website where parents can find them. This is a personal apprenticeship program offering training under the direct leadership of Dr. Scott Turansky.

While in the program, you'll read several books, listen to teaching videos, and interact in an online environment about the case studies brought by each of the coaches in training. During the eight-week training you'll work with one parent who is interested in receiving help. You'll learn how to determine heart issues, identify specific challenges, and then, using the skills and strategy learned in the program, coach that parent to see change in one child. The practical training and interaction with other coaches and their cases will empower you to help many parents in the future.

In case you're wondering where you're going to get a parent to coach during the training, here's some guidance. You can try to find someone from your own circle of relationships at church or friends, or just put a note on facebook and you'll probably get 10 volunteers interested in coaching. Or, if you're stuck, Dr. Turansky keeps a list of interested parents who are wishing to be clients during the training. You'll work with that person over the phone or skype. In other words, finding the person to work with you shouldn't be too much of a challenge.

Although anyone can go through the class to become trained, only those who go through the class and are approved to be coaches will be placed on the website. This approval process requires that you fill out an application. You can do that in advance of taking the class if you'd like and you can be provisionally approved pending the training. Approval requires that you have qualifications to mentor others. You might be an experienced mom or dad, a pastor, a counselor, or somehow has the necessary qualifications to help parents. Coaches can be removed from the website if the quality of their work doesn't match the standards necessary.

The Biblical Parenting Coaching Program is a course offered by Biblical Parenting University. In order to have access to the course, you'll need to register for the class. You can do so by clicking on the link below. After you pay for the class, we will manually sign you up as a student and send you your access information. The cost of the 8-Week Apprenticeship Program is $595 and it's only offered at specific times during the year. Check out the next time it's available at biblicalparenting.org/coach.

After you sign up and pay for the course you will be sent the four textbooks. The retail price of these books is $122.88 and they are included in the cost of your tuition for the training. You don't have to purchase them. However, if you live outside the US, you'll need to pay the shipping or work out an ebook plan to receive the books electronically.

By the time you have completed the training you will have a notebook of strategies and techniques for parent training as well as several pages of coaching tips to help you to be effective in parent coaching. You will also be able to give to the parents you work with access to training videos and worksheets to aid you in your ongoing training.

To start your own notebook now, download this cover sheet and table of contents. Also download the Video Highlight Sheets and Parent Video Notes Pages and Coaching Tip Notes Pages to take notes on all of the videos you'll watch. As you click on each week, you'll obtain new handouts and worksheets to print out and add to your notebook.

Download all the electronic forms (zip file) so that you just type your answers in on a computer.

During the training, parents and coaches will each be directed to different sites that contain videos, handouts, and reading lists that is appropriate for them. These are different sites but some of the material is common to both. There is no cost for the parent to be coached other than the costs charged by the coach. However, the parent will have opportunity to purchase the books used in the program, at a discount if he/she is interested.

To learn more about this program including the next start date and the link to register, click here.