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The Biblical Parenting Coaching Program

The purpose of the Biblical Parenting Coaching Program is to raise up more coaches that will help support and guide parents through the challenges of raising children. These may be church leaders, counselors, volunteers, or parents who have a passion to help other parents. This is a personal apprenticeship program offering training under the direct leadership and supervision of Dr Scott Turansky.

Dr. Turansky has taught this training many times and has noted several things that make it easier for coaches to do well. This may seem like a lot but you’ll take each step one at a time and find the program to be very satisfying and fulfilling. Watching God work is powerful. Getting some of these basics down will make it much easier. These comments should answer most of your questions, but if you have more, please reach out and ask at parent@biblicalparenting.org. Here are some things you’ll want to know in order to maximize your experience:

What to Expect

While in the program, you'll read several books, listen to teaching videos, and interact in an online environment about the cases brought by each of the coaches in training. During the eight-week training you'll work with one parent who is interested in receiving help. You'll learn how to determine heart issues, identify specific challenges, and then, using the skills and strategy learned in the program, coach that parent to see change in one child. The practical training and interaction with other coaches and their cases will empower you to help many parents in the future.

Getting an Early Start

Many coaches like to start their training early. As soon as you register, even if it is months in advance, you’ll be sent the books for the program so that you can start the reading. In addition, approximately ten days before the actual start date, Dr. Turansky will open the program and give you access so that you can get used to the technology, introduce yourself, and download all of the material in order to get organized.

Finding a Client

In case you're wondering where you're going to get a parent to coach during the training, here's some guidance. You can try to find someone from your own circle of relationships at church or friends, or just put a note on Facebook and you'll probably get 5 volunteers interested in coaching. Or, if you're stuck, Dr Turansky keeps a list of interested parents who are wishing to be clients during the training. You'll work with that person over the phone or online. In other words, finding a parent to work with shouldn't be too much of a challenge.

Recruiting Well

Life happens and sometimes clients drop out of the program. If this happens, you’ll still be able to learn from your classmates and case studies although you wouldn’t get the hands-on experience of working with a client. To minimize the likelihood of your client dropping out, ensure that you recruit a client who understands:

  • The need to meet with you once a week for 8 weeks;
  • The need to watch the teaching videos for the 8 weeks;
  • The hard work needed to implement the personalized strategies for the child throughout the 8 weeks;
  • That this program uses a biblical heart-based approach which differs from mainstream parenting practices.

Use these materials to help you recruit clients both for the training and afterwards.

This website gives a lot of helpful information for prospective parents:
The Welcome Brochure answers many questions.

Using This Training

Parents need help today. As soon as you have completed the training you’ll be ready to help other parents. The more experience you have the better you’ll do as a coach. We encourage you right away to take on a client or two to go through the whole program again with others. Some trained coaches request approval to be added to available coaches on our website. This approval process requires that you fill out an application. Approval requires that you have qualifications to mentor others. You might be an experienced mom or dad, a pastor, a counselor, or somehow has the necessary qualifications to help parents. Coaches can be removed from the website if the quality of their coaching doesn't match the standards necessary.


The Biblical Parenting Coaching Program is a course offered through Biblical Parenting University, one of the education arms of the National Center for Biblical Parenting. In order to have access to the course, you'll need to register for the class. You can do so by clicking on the link below. After you pay for the class, we will manually sign you up as a student and send you your access information to the materials. The cost of the 8-Week Apprenticeship Program is US$ 595 and it's only offered at specific times during the year. Check out the next time it's available at biblicalparenting.coach. We usually offer the training three times a year: winter, summer, and fall.


After you sign up and pay for the course you will be sent the four textbooks. The retail price of these books is US$ 122.88 and they are included in the cost of your tuition for the training. You don't have to purchase them. However, if you live outside the US, you'll be sent electronic versions of two of the books and the other two books you’ll be able to purchase as eBooks, likely for less than US$ 20 total.

Biblical Parenting University Portal

During the training, you as a coach will have access to two content portals on the Biblical Parenting University site.

  1. BPU 301 Biblical Parenting Coaching Program – where you will access the training videos and notes to equip you to be a coach, and
  2. BPU 301P Biblical Parenting Coaching Program (Parent) – where you will have access to the teaching videos and notes of the curriculum proper. The parent you work with will also have access to this portal. It’s through these videos that you and the parent will learn the strategies and techniques.

During your training as a coach there is no cost for your client. However, if your parent would like to keep access to the parent portal ongoing they can pay US$50 using a discount code COACH and pay for it here: https://biblicalparenting.org/product/bpu-301p-biblical-parenting-coaching-program/

After your training, all of your subsequent clients will pay US$ 50 as part of their coaching fee which they will have lifelong access.


  1. Before your first meeting, your client needs to fill out 2 documents:
    1. The Coaching Agreement & Release of Information Form. Your client needs to fill it out, sign it, and send it back to you. You will then submit it to us.
    2. The Child Behaviour Inventory (CBI). Your client needs to fill it out, send it back to you. You will then submit it to us.
  2. After your first meeting with the client, you will fill out an Intake Form which contains demographic and background information to help you understand your client. This form should be submitted to us before your next meeting.
  3. After each weekly meeting, you will fill out a Status Report Form which details what went on in your meeting. These forms are crucial as they will help you understand their unique challenges and strengths which will then inform you on how to formulate your guidance. Again, these forms should be submitted after each meeting.
  4. At the end of the program, there are four forms to be completed.
    1. The Progress Evaluation Form is for the parents to fill out on their own. They are to send it back to you.
    2. The Coaching Evaluation Form is for you to tell your story about your experience in the coaching program.
    3. The Parent Evaluation Form provides updates for the final session and data which we will use for research.
    4. The Child Behaviour Inventory (CBI), although completed at the beginning of the course, is to be filled out again. Parents can compare the scores before and after the course to help them evaluate their progress. This form will also serve as a concrete measure of the program’s efficacy for research purposes.

Again, these forms should be submitted using the instructions provided during the training.

Download all the electronic forms (zip file) that contain your Status Reports so that you just type your answers in on a computer. You can also download the Parent electronic forms (zip file) that contain the Journal forms for parents that also make it easy to type into them.

An optional Prescription Form is what you can use after each of your meetings to help your client keep track of the assignments to work on for the week.


Your work with parents is part of a large research project we are doing to document the efficacy of this program. So, we’re asking you to ask certain questions each week of your client at the first of your meeting and submit those answers along with other documents to us. Please look at these instructions to know what to do.


SLACK is the online interactive platform where you will be interacting with Dr. Turansky and your fellow student coaches. You will be using this platform as the primary mode of communication with Dr. Turansky throughout the program as keeping all communication in one place just makes things easier. Just before the training you will be given access to SLACK as well as instructions of how to use it.


By the time you have completed the training you will have a notebook of strategies and techniques for parent training as well as several pages of coaching tips to help you to be effective in parent coaching.

To start your own notebook now, create a folder on your computer where you can keep handouts from this course and infographics that will distributed throughout. You can also download the Coaching Tip Notes Pages to take notes on all of the coaching tip videos you'll watch. As you click on each week, you'll obtain new handouts and worksheets to print out and add to your notebook. You will find them on the right-hand side of both the BPU301 and BPU301P classes.

Here are some helpful notes about what takes place during each week of the coaching program.