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Here's What People are Saying

First of all, The National Center for Biblical Parenting has earned Best Practice Status for their work with families. We are excited about the ongoing benefits families are experiencing.

The National Center for Biblical Parenting presents a program for parents that is especially practical and relevant. It is especially well-grounded in biblical principles. Its techniques are researched thoroughly and tested.
− Larry Fowler, Executive Director, AWANA 

The parenting program of the National Center for Biblical Parenting (NCBP) has proven effective over many years. The program has been used by thousands of parents to improve children's behavior, strengthen relationships between parent and child, and provide children with the necessary skills for adulthood.
− Judy Comstock, Executive Director, International Network of Children's Ministry

The parenting approach of the National Center for Biblical Parenting is well-researched, practical and relevant. The focus goes beyond externals to the real issues children and parents face. Taking child development and the uniqueness of families into account, their parenting program equips parents with tools to guide them in the nurturing and shaping of their child’s heart that leads to adjustment of the behavior. I highly recommend the philosophical and practical approach of the National Center for Biblical Parenting as a best practice in parenting.
− Ben F. Freudenburg, Professor and Family Life Program Director, Concordia University Ann Arbor Michigan


Here are some specific comments from parents who have participated in Biblical Parenting University:

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Christian School Principals and School Administrators

I signed my school up yesterday and encouraged my teachers to participate in the free teacher training yet this summer. My strategy is to get my staff trained first and then invite my parents to enroll yet this summer as well. If we as parents and teachers could trade in our behavior modification keys for a heart based Biblical key, our mission would gain traction. This resource is a tool to help us fulfill our mission to reach the heart of the child.
− Rick Martin, Principal, Cornerstone Christian School, Harrisonburg, VA

* * * * *


She writes to her principal after taking the first teacher class on cooperation in the classroom: "It's great stuff. I like the words responsibility and faithfulness, the goal being to lead the child to faithfulness to God for the rest of their lives. What a great resource. Thanks for being a great boss, and for providing us with some tools to be better equipped for the awesome calling as Christian school teachers."
− Vicki, Cornerstone Christian School, Harrisonburg, VA

* * * * *


It has been very valuable and I have learned a lot so far, just in the first five sessions. It's been helpful to recognize anger as a 'warning signal' that identifies a problem, the five causes of anger really helped shed light on patterns in my family and myself, and the differences between firmness and harshness was wonderful in putting perspective on things and knowing that the instruction is valid but doesn't have to have the emotional intensity behind it. Thank you for the classes! It's a wonderful and pratical way to bring a 'seminar' feel to my home but with the five minute intervals, much more practical for my time schedule and life!
− Christine Westerholm, Easton, PA

So far I really like the information from the classes. I always do gain wonderful insights that work every time.
− Tina Means, El Dorado, KS

* * * * *

Pastors and Church Leaders

Thank you Joanne! We are really excited about this new training resource. We have been using the books from your online store for sometime but have not been able to coordinate event based training due to varied schedules. Being able to receive training on demand individually will greatly enhance our ability to equip ourselves.
− John Vernon, Miner Baptist Church, Sikeston, MO

We’d love to hear your testimony and add it here. Tell us how your family benefited from one of the classes in Biblical Parenting University.



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