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Biblical Parenting Coaching Program
The Biblical Parenting Coaching Program

The purpose of the Biblical Parenting Coaching Program is to provide you as a parent with support and guidance to develop an individualized action plan for change in your child. If you're working with a coach, then that coach was trained through a personal apprenticeship program under the direct leadership of Dr. Scott Turansky, a cofounder of the National Center for Biblical Parenting.

If you're working on this program using the self-guided aproach, be sure to follow the instructions carefully. The video below is from Dr. Turansky with specific instructions for parents as they go through the program.

PARENTS: Watch this video to help you know what to do to prepare for the program.

As part of this program you'll have access to a lot of resources. During each week of the program you'll have reading assignments and access to short videos explaining practical tools and ideas you can practice for that week. Don't get overwhelmed by the reading and the videos. Do as much as you can each week. You'll likely want to come back and go over the same material again in the future.

If you're working with a coach, then your coach may direct you to a particular video or reading assignment to guide your thinking. During the sessions you'll learn how to determine heart issues, identify specific challenges, and then use heart-based strategies to bring about change in your child.

By the time you have completed the training you will have a notebook of strategies and techniques to use in your home. In this notebook you will have the notes you take from the videos, suggestions from your coach, and infographics and other handouts provided to you in this program. Also, download the Parent Electronic Forms to create your weekly reports for yourself, or, if you're working with a coach, to turn in. As you click on each week, you'll obtain new handouts and worksheets to print out and add to your notebook.

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